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Susan Toscan

Susan Toscan
Writer & Creator of Magic Vegetables

Magic Vegetables originally came about as story I made up to tell my grandchildren. They seemed to really enjoy the story so I thought it would be interesting to develop it further.

The app was created with the assistance of two very creative women from EoR Media and I sincerely appreciate their efforts.

It is an imaginative and fun story that is just a little bit of fantasy. Hopefully children will read along and get the message that all parents and grandparents try to give them.

The book version of the story will be available soon.

I hope that you all enjoy!

Written and Created by Susan Toscan
Illustration by Marisa Martin
Animation by Geraldine Martin
EoR Media

Susan has also published an historical novel for adults, you can get more information about that book at www.toscanlastrada.com

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(c) Susan Toscan 2014